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What is Snabb for drivers?

Snabb is a mobile application that allows drivers to park in Snabb parking lots and wash their cars at almost all car washes in Estonia. The services in the Snabb app are often cheaper than usual!

Thanks to Snabb's technology, which allows opening barriers and gates directly from the mobile application, parking spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible are also available.
We have made parking with Snabb very easy - find the desired parking lot in the app, add your payment method and car number if you haven't already, and you can start parking by swiping the button at the bottom of the screen from left to right. When leaving, end the parking by swiping the same button again, and the parking fee will be automatically deducted from your payment method. If you park in a parking lot with a barrier or gate, starting or ending the parking will immediately open the corresponding barrier/gate for you, so activate parking only when you are ready to enter the parking lot.

Snabb will remember your preferred payment method and car number, making the next parkings even easier and faster! You don't have to know or specify the desired parking time because the parking fee (including the 24h rate) is calculated automatically.

If needed, you can find instructions for driving to the parking lot in the app with the "Navigate" button, activate parking reminders, add a discount code, and more.
Whether your preference is a self-service or automatic car wash, with the Snabb app, you can start the wash in both quite similarly. Find the desired car wash in the app, in a self-service car wash, select the wash bay number and the desired amount; in an automatic car wash, choose the desired wash package, then start the wash by swiping the button at the bottom of the screen from left to right.

After completing the wash, the payment is made from your bank card or Snabb credit, and the wash invoice is sent to your email within 15 minutes.
The penalty appeal form can be conveniently filled out in Estonian, Russian, or English on the website

We will respond to you within 7 days. During this time, you do not have to pay the fine, however if you have not received a response from us within 7 days, be sure to contact us.
In open parking areas, start parking in the app only after you have found a suitable parking spot. However, if you have already activated your parking session (e.g., in a gated parking lot) and it turns out that all spaces are taken, then follow these steps: end parking in Snabb app, leave the parking lot, and then contact our customer support so that we could refund the amount paid to you.
Yes! You can change the car number from the 'Vehicles and permits' view or right before you start parking. You can also switch between cars when parking with a monthly card by clicking on your monthly card in the app's 'Vehicles and permits' page.

If you accidentally start parking with the wrong car number and notice it later, you can also change it during parking - just click on your car number.

Please note that currently you cannot park two cars simultaneously with Snabb app.
The 24h price is activated automatically - just start parking and end it when you are ready to leave! When the parking fee reaches the 24-hour rate, the price will stop there and resume only after 24 hours have passed since the start of parking.

For example:
30 min - 1€
24h - 5€
In a lot with these fees, the 24h price is automatically activated after 2.5 hours.

PS! Parking does not automatically end after 24 hours! Don't forget to end parking when you leave the parking lot.
If such a situation occurs, please call our 24/7 technical support number at +372 5811 4001.

Alternatively, you can try to open the barrier/gate again and contact our customer support later to get a refund for any overpaid amount due to technical errors.
If you are unable to end your parking with the Snabb app, we recommend borrowing a phone from a friend or acquaintance and calling our technical support number at +372 5811 4001 so we can assist you.

If it's an open parking lot and you don't need immediate assistance to leave the parking lot, you can simply note the time, leave the parking lot, and contact our customer support as soon as possible to inform them of the situation so we can adjust your parking time and fee if necessary.
If you are unable to activate mobile payments in the app, first check with your mobile operator to see if mobile payments are enabled for you.

For Elisa business clients, Snabb payments need to be specifically enabled; for other cases, enabling internet payments should be sufficient.

If you still can't activate mobile payments in the Snabb app even after enabling them via mobile operator, please contact our customer support.
If you forget to end the parking session on time, please contact our customer support, describe what happened, and we will try to find a solution together.

Next time, consider using our parking reminder feature, which allows you to set reminders at intervals that suit you. You can set up notifications in the Snabb app under 'Edit Profile' -> 'Communication settings'. Make sure you have also allowed Snabb app notifications in your phone settings.
In some parking lots, parking is only allowed on weekdays or have other time restrictions. We always recommend checking the app before starting parking to see if there are any restrictions in the chosen parking lot. If the parking lot closes during your parking, but you are unable to remove your car on time, please notify our customer support.
Not all parking lots have monthly passes, but it is available in most of our parking lots - in such cases, you will see the option to order a monthly pass on the parking lot page.

To order, select the desired parking lot and click the 'Monthly pass' button. Before confirming the order, you will receive necessary information about payments, cancelling the monthly pass, and its usage.

The initial fee for the monthly pass is calculated proportionally based on the remaining days until the end of the month, so the first payment when starting the monthly pass will be smaller. Then, the monthly pass will automatically renew each month, and the payment will be deducted from your bank card on the 5th of each month. If the first payment fails, please update your payment method because another attempt will be made on the 7th. If the second payment also fails, the monthly pass will be cancelled. In this case, to continue monthly parking, you should order a new monthly pass.

You can also cancel the monthly pass from the app by opening the 'Vehicles and permits' page, clicking on the monthly pass, and selecting 'Cancel subscription'. Upon cancellation, the monthly pass remains valid until the end of the payment period, which is the last day of the current month.

You can also change the car number associated with the monthly pass at any time from the app by going to the 'Vehicles and permits' page and clicking on your monthly pass.
Snabb is a car owners favorite app because, in addition to parking lots, you can also find suitable car washes or EV charging points and manage all of this through one app.

Unlike other parking apps, parking in the Snabb app does not end automatically after a certain time or amount, making it particularly convenient for long-term parking. For example, you can park your car at a parking area near the airport, start parking, and go on your trip worry-free. This way, you avoid the need to constantly extend your parking or worry about possible fines if you forget to extend it on time.

Snabb app is particularly useful for short-term parking as well, as it allows you to set reminders at certain intervals, ensuring you don't forget to end your parking session. And if your notifications are accidentally turned off, we will personally contact you for a reminder!

What is Snabb for landowners?

Primarily, Snabb is a tool that allows earning more revenue than usual by replacing hardware with digital solutions. Make your parking lot/car wash visible to over 50,000 drivers in Estonia and try various discount campaigns. By joining Snabb, you gain access to an administration environment that enables easy management of your parking lot/parking house. Absolutely not, it's your opportunity (to earn extra income), not an obligation.

If needed, you can also limit the number of parking spaces or temporarily close the parking lot for Snabb customers.
Depending on the location and size of the parking lot. For more detailed information, contact our team, and we'll provide you with a personalized overview, taking into account your parking lot's location, size, and other details.

Example 1: Let's say you have a parking space in the city center, and you rent it out for 3 hours every weekday. In this case, the approximate annual income would be around 1400 EUR.

Example 2: If parking is available for 6 hours per day, a 10-space parking lot charges 2 EUR/hour. In this case, the monthly income is approximately 3000 EUR and annually 36 000 EUR.
Yes, adding a Snabb controller does not disrupt the gate's normal operation. Everything else continues as usual. It simply adds the option to rent out your spaces to Snabb app users.
All users have registered with a mobile number, Google, or Facebook account. If such a situation occurs, please contact our customer support; if necessary, we can always send notifications to customers.
All users are registered with a mobile number, Google, or Facebook account and have added a payment method. Only those who pay are allowed access - but only if there are available spots in the system for Snabb users in the first place.

If you have any concerns about clients using your parking lot, feel free to contact our customer support.
No, they cannot. The barrier can only be opened by a Snabb user when the spots are rented out and there are available parking spaces.
We will create a user account for you in management interface, where you can monitor the number of parkings and your balance for the current month. The earnings for each month will be transferred to your bank account on a specific day of the following month.
Yes - in that case, the setup is even easier: get in touch with us, we'll arrange the contract, install the necessary signs, and you can start earning income. For a closed parking lot, we would set up the controller, while for an open parking lot, the process is faster.

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