Terms and conditions for parking service 

Last updated on: 01/04/2022

A User of the Snabb Platform having concluded the User Agreement for the services provided by the Parking Operator undertakes to use the parking spaces pursuant to the following terms and conditions. 

  1. Start of the parking time. The parking time shall start from the moment when the User informs Snabb of the start of parking through the Snabb Platform.
  2. End of the parking time. The User’s right to use the parking spot shall end when the User ends the parking time in the Snabb Platform and exits the parking lot, whichever occurs later. If the User does not end the parking time in the Snabb Platform, the parking time shall be considered to last (and the User shall be considered to have used the parking spot) until the User has ended the parking time in the Snabb Platform. Snabb shall not be obligated to reduce the parking fee or compensate any expenses or damage resulting from the User not informing Snabb through the Snabb Platform about ending their parking when leaving the parking spot;
  3. Opening the barrier. If entry into or exit from the parking spot is restricted by a barrier, the Snabb Platform provides the User with the opportunity to open the barrier through the Snabb Platform upon the start and end of parking. Snabb shall have the right to set up the modem in the manner of not opening the barrier before getting a confirmation from the payment service provider regarding the payment of the Service Fee and any other payments or fees stemming from the User Agreement.
  4. Parking the vehicle. The User is obliged to:
    1. use the parking space only for parking a normal sized self-moving registered car without a trailer, or a motorcycle;
    2. use the parking space for parking only the vehicle with the license plate that is listed by the User in the Snabb Platform;
    3. conduct its parking in a reasonable manner which least disturbs other people;
    4. if the parking space is occupied or if using the parking space is rendered impossible due to other physical factors due to which the User cannot park the vehicle on the parking spot, then:
    5. the User undertakes to notify Snabb thereof on the contact details available on the Snabb Platform, who will provide notice to the Parking Operator;
    6. if the obstacle is not removed (the parking space is not made accessible) within 15 minutes, the User is entitled to cancel the order of the parking service without the obligation to pay any Service Fees (parking fee or booking fee).
    7. while using the parking space, follow the General Terms, any Additional Terms and other conditions and requirements arising from traffic signs, local regulations, instructions from the owner of the land plot or building and the law.
  5. Vacating the parking spot. Upon the end of the parking time as defined in Section 2 above, the User shall pay the Service Fees arising from the General Terms and to vacate the parking spot. If the User fails to vacate the parking spot by the end of the parking time (incl. the User having paid the Service Fee and/or opened the barrier through the Snabb Platform but factually continuing to use the parking spot), then Snabb is entitled to adjust the amount of Service Fee as described in Section 6 below. The User shall be considered to have fulfilled the obligations arising from the User Agreement if the User has paid the fees stated in the General Terms through the Snabb Platform and has vacated the parking spot.
  6. Adjustments to the Service Fee. Snabb is entitled to claim the relevant Service Fee for any periods that fall between several short-term parking times on the same calendar day at the same parking lot, in which case the User shall be deemed to have used the parking spot for the whole period starting from the first registration of the start of the parking time on that day until the last registration of the end of parking time on that day. In the event that more than one calendar day elapses between short-term parking times, Snabb is entitled to charge a Service Fee for any period of time from the beginning of the parking period until the end of the last short-term parking period.

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