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What to Do In Case of a Parking Fine

Using the Snabb app can help you avoid parking fines successfully, but sometimes, things happen, and you might forget to activate the parking session. Here are some tips in case you find a yellow fine ticket on the window.

If you are certain that you started the parking session and the fine seems unfair, it's always a good idea to double-check if the parking was activated for the correct vehicle and in the right parking zone. Sometimes, a simple mistake can lead to these frustrating fines, and in that case feel free to appeal the fine. Fines issued because of such human errors will be cancelled by Snabb.

However, if you still want to get additional information about the fine or pay it quickly, the best option is to use Snabb's new self-service portal at

Access additional information by scanning the QR code

If you receive a parking fine in Snabb's parking lot, the easiest way to access the self-service portal is by scanning the QR code on the fine receipt. This way, you'll instantly get more details about the fine. If scanning the QR code doesn't work, no problem – you can still check the fine info online at by entering the fine number and your vehicle's license plate.

Pay the parking fine with Apple Pay or Google Pay

With Snabb's new self-service portal, you can:

  • check out all the info related to the fine,
  • see photos of the vehicle that got fined,
  • download a copy of the fine receipt.
And when it's time to pay the fine, forget about the old-fashioned bank transfers and manual payment entries. We've made it super convenient for you – you can pay the fine using:

  • Apple Pay or Google Pay,
  • Estonian bank links,
  • Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

Appealing the fine

If you think the fine was issued without a reason, no worries! Snabb's self-service portal allows you to appeal the fine. Just answer a few questions and, if needed, you can provide supporting evidence like pictures or invoices.

Even after you've paid or appealed the fine, you can still access the fine information through the self-service portal to check if the payment went through or if your appeal was successful.

We really hope you never have to deal with a pesky fine ticket on your windshield. But if it happens, rest assured that Snabb's self-service is the most convenient place to get all the info you need and easily handle the fine.

Snabb's self-service:

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