Best possible experience for your clients

Together, we will make your car park or car wash visible to 50,000 Estonian drivers. And it often happens that you earn more!

Own a car park?

Operate a car wash?

Why join Snabb?

Best user experience

Whether it's sending an SMS in the car park in rainy weather, exchanging coins at a car wash, or a long queue at the petrol station - these are all unnecessary inconveniences that can be avoided with Snabb.

We create customer loyalty

We start with simple activities like words of thanks: “Thank you for visiting us! Come again. ” to each new customer.

We grow your client base

What would happen if ALL your clients invited 1 of their friends to park/wash at your location today? Let's find out together!

Simple dashboard

In the dashboard, you can see in real-time who is using your service. It also provides an overview and history of transactions and can be used to conveniently set up access.

New product options

For parking lots: Time-limited parking permits, possibility of issuing fines.
For car washes: monthly tickets, discounted credit (for € 100 the customer gets € 120 credit), automatic number recognition, and much more.

Technology partner

A hearty domestic team that answers your calls at night, listens to suggestions, and offers smart software solutions that firsthand help your customers.

Make vehicle ownership suck less. Grab your Snabb!

Wwwash GmbH
+372 5811 4001
Pappelallee 78/79
10437 Berlin



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