Snabb Business

All Snabb services on one invoice!

As a business customer, you can choose from the following services


Access to parking lots important to you or to all parking areas available in Snabb.


In the Snabb app, you can find almost all of Estonia's self-service car washes and several automated car washes.


The network of available electric vehicle chargers in Snabb extends across the Baltic States.

Advantages of a business customer

Discount for large clients

We also offer discounts for larger business clients on Snabb services. Contact us for a personalized offer!

1 invoice

Payment is made based on a single invoice, where consumed services and quantities are itemized in a format convenient for you.

VAT refund

With Snabb, you can keep employee phone and vehicle-related expenses separate, and if needed, apply for VAT refunds.

1 report

All your company's parking and wash activities are gathered in a detailed report. We send it via email regularly, but you can also view it in real-time on the Snabb admin panel.

Employee management

Easily add new employees and users on the admin panel, and configure restrictions as needed across services.


Limits can be set for all users as needed. For example, a specific amount per month or per day that a user can use at the company's expense.

Interested in more information about Snabb's business solution? Contact us for further details!

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Why choose Snabb's business?

  • Consolidated billing for all Snabb services for the entire company
  • VAT refund
  • User-based limits
  • User management in Snabb's admin panel
  • Convenient billing options tailored to your needs
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