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Tartu city parking is available on Snabb

Starting from November, it is possible to park in Tartu city's public paid parking areas using the Snabb application.

Tartu's approach to parking management is unique in Estonia because the organization of parking and the provision of various payment solutions are within the city's control. This approach, in addition to increasing options for users, provides equal opportunities for all parking solution providers.

"Our goal is to offer diverse payment options for public paid parking areas to make the service as user-friendly as possible. We are open to collaboration with different service providers to further expand the choices," said Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu.

According to Kustas Kõiv, CEO of Snabbi, Tartu's open-minded approach is highly welcomed. "Tartu's approach provides equal opportunities for all payment solution providers, giving customers a greater freedom of choice and allowing consumers to shape their preferences," says Snabbi CEO Kustas Kõiv.

Starting parking in Tartu city streets with the Snabi app costs 0.2 euros. It is still possible to activate parking by sending an SMS and using other parking apps, which costs 32 cents. In addition to parking on city streets, it is possible to park with the Snabb app near Vanemuise Theatre, Tartu Kaubamaja, in front of Tartu University Sports Hall, and in other important locations in Tartu city.

Check Tartu city parking lots on the Snabb app.

Photo: Maanus Kullamaa

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