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Snabb Opened the Most Affordable 'Park and Ride' Parking Lot in Tallinn

Snabb opened a new parking lot along Reidi Road with a daily parking fee of just 1 euro.

Parking for extended periods in the central and downtown areas can be costly, leading many commuters to leave their cars in parking lots near the city or opt for public transportation and taxis to avoid parking costs. Snabb recently opened a new parking lot along Reidi Road, where the daily parking fee is only 1 €. The new Snabb parking lot accommodates nearly 500 vehicles and allows commuters to conveniently and affordably leave their vehicles parked for longer periods. 

According to Snabb's CEO, Kustas Kõiv, affordable parking near the city center is essential for avoiding urban traffic congestion and promoting car-free mobility. "The parking lot at Nafta 1 is a budget-friendly 'park and ride' style lot, providing excellent opportunities for proceeding to the city center on foot, by scooter, or using public transportation. Additionally, the new parking lot is perfect for passengers traveling through D-terminal or attendees of major events at the Song Festival Grounds," said Kõiv.

To make the last kilometer from the parking lot to the city center go by even faster, a rental service for electric scooters, provided by Tuul, will be available at the edge of the parking lot. According to Tuul's CEO, Raivis Ozoliņš, suburban parking lots are a great solution for environmental conservation and calming urban traffic. "Each commuter plays a significant role in shaping the urban environment, and the more we travel on foot or by light vehicles, the greener our footprint. Moreover, it's a financially and time-wise more profitable choice during peak hours and traffic jams. There's increasing investment in improving urban infrastructure, and the future could see minimal to no car traffic in downtown areas," said Ozoliņš.

There is currently no other parking lot as large and affordable in the central and downtown areas of Tallinn. Whether you park for an hour, five hours, or a whole day, the parking fee remains just 1 euro. Since the area is large and accommodates nearly 500 vehicles, there shouldn't be any issues finding suitable parking spaces.

There are two entrances to the parking lot at Nafta 1 - the first entrance can be found along Pikksilma street, and the second is located at the end of Petrooleum street. Parking can be conveniently initiated through the Snabb app or via SMS.

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