Snabb Launches 300 New Electric Vehicle Chargers in Lithuania

Snabb, a technology company offering parking and car wash services (formerly known as Barking), has expanded into the electric vehicle (EV) charging market in Lithuania, opening 300 new chargers across 70 locations across the country for Snabb users. This new venture was launched in collaboration with the Estonian EV charger platform Plugfree and the Lithuanian charging network Inbalance Grid.

Until now, Snabb's app offered EV charging services in both Estonia and Latvia, so the opening of EV chargers in Lithuania is a positive development comments the company's CEO, Kustas Kõiv. "In our view, all the necessary services for vehicle owners should be available through a single app, with one click, one account, and one payment card. Snabb's goal is to become the largest platform for drivers in the Baltic region, and enabling EV charging increases the app's value proposition to customers," Kõiv said.

The expansion into the Lithuanian market was made possible through collaboration with Plugfree, a network of EV charger operators (formerly Ruex), whose aim is to make electric charging accessible and provide access to chargers through apps that drivers already use. "The number of electric vehicles is growing by nearly 50% annually in the Baltic region, and we consider it crucial to ensure a good accessibility to chargers," said Aleksandr Karasjov, the founder of Plugfree.

In addition to electric charging, Snabb's app also enables users to park and wash their cars in both Estonia and Lithuania. "In Lithuania, we see rapid growth in the car wash sector, with nearly one-third of car washes being done through the Snabb app. The growing number of users and the future potential of electric vehicles were the main motivators for opening the EV charging business in Lithuania," added Kõiv.

About the Company
Snabb (formerly known as Barking) was founded in 2015. The Snabb app offers access to 140 parking lots, 335 car wash stations, and 377 electric vehicle chargers. Currently, Snabb's team consists of 23 members. Among the founders and investors of Snabb are Rain Lõhmus (Chairman of the LHV Supervisory Board), Marko Oolo (Superangel), Marek Kiisa (Partner at NordicNinja VC). Today, Snabb operates not only in the Estonian and Lithuanian markets but also in New Zealand, Finland, Latvia, the United States, Canada, Germany, and Austria.

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