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Snabb is the New Parking Operator at Ülemiste Centre

Starting from January 3rd, a new parking arrangement applies in Ülemiste centre parking lot: free parking is allowed for five hours, after which parking becomes chargeable.

Previously, parking near Ülemiste centre was free around the clock, leading to a situation where some cars remained in the parking lot for days, even weeks. This made it more difficult for shoppers to find parking spaces, but this concern has now been addressed.

Starting from January 3rd, Snabb started to operate the parking around Ülemiste centre. We installed license plate recognition cameras at the entrances of the outdoor parking lot, parking garage, and underground parking to automatically track parking times. The system also automatically stops parking when the customer leaves the parking lot.

To park for more than five hours, it is most convenient to use the Snabb app. When starting parking with the Snabb app at any time, paid parking will only begin after five hours from entering the parking lot. Additionally, parking can be initiated through the app and SMS, in which case the parking charges start immediately. Each started half-hour costs 1 euro, and the 24-hour maximum charge is 12 euros.

According to Snabb's CEO Kustas Kõiv, Ülemiste centre's decision regarding parking management also has broader implications in Estonia. "Approximately 90 percent of parking fines are incurred due to forgetting to set the parking clock, resulting in a negative experience for the customer and unjustified revenue for the parking company. As the new parking operator for Ülemiste centre, we are pleased to solve this problem and make parking invisible and worry-free for the customer."

Photo: Ülemiste centre

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