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Snabb Held a Free Parking Week by the Freedom Square

Snabb recently organized a week of free parking by Freedom Square. Everyone interested could park for free in the parking lot at Kaarli pst 2 from March 21 to March 27.

The goal of the free parking week was to make visiting the old town more convenient and to introduce the most affordable parking options in the heart of the city and the old town.

"We noticed that a large number of users had not visited the parking lots in the old town and rather avoided this area due to high parking fees. In order for people to try out how affordable and convenient it is to visit the old town, we organized a week where parking at Kaarli pst 2 parking lot was free for all Snabb app users," said Snabb CEO Kustas Kõiv.

During the week of free parking, the number of parkings in the Kaarli pst 2 parking lot increased nearly four times. There was also an increase in downloads of the Snabb app - over 1100 times in a week, which is a record for this year. "The feedback from the parkers was very positive. Many praised Snabb's initiative, and there were users who found their new favourite parking lot." commented Kõiv.

Snabb recently reduced the parking fee at Kaarli parking lot - now you have to pay 1.9 euros for half an hour of parking, making X1 Kaarli parking zone the most affordable in the old town area. According to Kõiv, the reduction in parking prices is necessary. "Looking at the pace at which parking fees and prices in general are rising around us, and considering the feedback from our customers regarding Kaarli parking lot, we decided to try a different strategy - reduce prices. We see that there is a need for parking in this area, but the price becomes a decisive factor. Kaarli parking lot is generally used to visit some cultural events or restaurants in the old town, and a high parking cost can end a nice evening with a negative emotion. Parking in the old town zone is otherwise 6 euros per hour. Snabb has always created new and positive solutions in the parking industry, and we want to continue on a positive note." explained Kõiv.

The new affordable price applies to all Snabb app parkers at X1 Kaarli parking lot: 

  • 1.9 € / 30min (calculated after each 30-minute interval); 
  • 20€ / 24h.

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