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Snabb ANPR Parking Solution for Järve Keskus 

Shopping centers are always busy and crowded, especially during the holidays or weekends. Finding a parking space is a challenge for visitors and employees alike. To solve this problem, Snabb has developed a parking solution for shopping centers. The solution has been introduced with the aim of reducing fines and making the parking experience more convenient for visitors and employees.

Snabb's parking solution is based on License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras that are installed at each entrance and exit of the shopping centre's car park. The cameras are able to register the number plate of each vehicle and start the free parking session automatically. This eliminates the need for visitors to use parking clocks to register their free parking time. Visitors who park for less than 3 hours do not need to do anything, and if they wish to stay for longer, they can easily use the Snabb app or mobile payments to pay for parking.

The change has also affected the employees of the shopping centre. The parking lot is divided into two zones - one for the visitors and other for tenants. If the tenants vehicle's number plates are entered into a whitelist and they park in their designated zone, then the parking session will be started for them automatically. However, if they park in the visitors zone, they will have only three hours of free parking time. This has been implemented to ensure that the visitors’ parking zone remains available for them and to prevent any confusion or inconvenience.

Snabb has created a parking portal account for each tenant, which they can use to manage their employees' cars. Tenants can add or change the cars associated with their employees and the shopping centre manager has the main account, which they can use to set rights and create accounts for the tenants. This makes it easier for the shopping centre to manage the parking lot and ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of their parking rights.

Snabb's parking solution has been well received by visitors and employees alike. Visitors appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about parking clocks or parking fees, while employees are happy over the simplified parking management. The implementation of LPR cameras has made the parking experience easier, more convenient, and more efficient for both visitors and employees. The management is pleased with the results and looks forward to continuing to work with Snabb to provide a seamless parking experience for everyone.

If you're looking for a parking solution that's easy to use, convenient, and efficient, consider Snabb's parking service. You'll be glad you did!

How to park at Järve Keskus shopping centre with Snabb:

  1. When driving in your vehicle's number plate is captured by the LPR cameras at the entrance.
  2. If you plan on staying for less than 3 hours, you don't have to do anything else. Your parking session will start automatically.
  3. If you plan on staying longer, download the Snabb app on your smartphone.
  4. Open the app, enter your vehicle's number plate and select the zone X23
  5. Follow the instructions to start the parking session
  6. Enjoy your shopping experience at Järve Keskus.


First 3 hours is free
1,50€ / 1h (minimum price 0,75€)

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