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Pärnu Landowners Turn Vacant Properties into Profit Opportunities

Starting from May 1, 2024, a new parking system will be implemented in the city of Pärnu, which will change public paid parking areas, fees, and hours. The more savvy ones will turn this situation to their advantage to earn additional income.
According to the new parking arrangement, there are three zones in the public paid parking areas of Pärnu city - the old town, city center, and beach. Previously free summer parking on several key streets between the beach and old town will now be paid year-round, alongside year-round fees in the city center and beach areas. More details can be found on the Pärnu city website.

The new higher parking fees are prompting people to seek cheaper solutions, and vacant lots are being filled with parked cars. But how can one turn their vacant properties into income-generating assets or regulate unwanted parking? With Snabb, property owners have the opportunity to easily manage parking and earn from it. Whether it's an open-access, barrier, or electronic gate parking lot, Snabb can create the best possible solution for every property owner. In Snabb's parking lots, you can conveniently pay via the Snabb app, SMS or app.

Snabb's service is transparent, meaning that property owners are provided with an administrative account through which they can monitor their parking lot occupancy, turnover, and all related statistics. Although larger parking lots bring in more revenue, even just two parking spaces can bring property owners a monthly additional income of a few hundred euros. It all depends on the size and location, and areas near the beach are certainly more popular during the summer period, where property owners can earn additional income up to several thousand euros in a month.

Even if there is no desire to offer paid parking, it is advisable for property owners to collaborate on providing control services. If there is no signage installed by the operator at the entrance to the parking lot, people quickly realize that fines cannot be issued for parking there. As a result, parking lots intended for residents or employees may be filled with unwanted vehicles, and residents themselves may have to park their vehicles in paid areas.

Snabb will find the best solution for you, helping to:

  • regulate parking and earn additional income;
  • design prices and parking conditions according to your preferences;
  • easily manage the entire parking arrangement through the administrative environment;
  • allow parkers to conveniently pay through the Snabb app.
Contact us, and we will make the most suitable offer according to your preference!

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