How Snabb helped the University of Tartu's Sport Academy grow their parking revenue 4 times?

In an interview with the head of Tartu University Sports Academy, Birgit Krillo, she discussed the recent implementation of the Snabb parking management platform for Tartu University Sports Hall.

"Before Snabb, we had parking clocks that users had to manually set when they arrived at the parking lot. It was a hassle and often caused confusion, especially when people forgot to set their clocks or didn't know how to pay for parking" Birgit stated. "Now, with the licence plate recognition cameras, the plate number is scanned and the free parking time is automatically started, eliminating the need for parking clocks altogether."

Birgit also mentioned that since implementing Snabb, the academy's revenue from parking has grown four times. "We've seen a significant increase in revenue since switching to Snabb. It's made our parking operations much smoother and more efficient, which has translated into higher revenue for the academy.”

In addition to the financial benefits, Birgit also highlighted the convenience factor for users. "We've received a lot of positive feedback from (students and faculty) customers who appreciate not having to deal with parking clocks anymore. It's made the parking experience much more hassle-free for them," she said.

Overall, Birgit believes that the Snabb parking management platform has been a successful addition to their campus. "It's helped us streamline our parking process and increase revenue, and we're happy to continue using it in the future."

How it works:

When a user arrives at the parking lot, the license plate recognition camera will automatically scan and register the license plate number. The free parking time is then automatically started, making the process hassle-free for the user. Additionally, we added more payment methods for customer convenience, such as Apple Pay and credit card.

Users also have the option to extend their parking time and pay for parking using the Snabb app by just entering their number plate in the app. This makes the process even more convenient, as users can easily manage their parking time and payments without having to physically go to a parking booth.

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