EASY MONEY! Actor Heino Seljamaa has found a way to keep a housing association's utility bills ridiculously low

Heino Seljamaa is best known as an actor at Nukuteater. However, he is also the chairman of a housing association in central Tallinn in his private life. His initiative was to find a way for the apartment building to make substantial savings on monthly utility bills.

Looking around the city, you can see a lot of parking spaces standing empty in the middle of the working day. The courtyard of the apartment building where Heino Seljamaa is the association chairman also stood empty.

The actor recalls how a letter arrived in his mailbox six years ago from a new service provider Barking (now Snabb). The letter offered the possibility of renting out the parking spaces. "My first thought was that it's a super way to make extra money. Parking spaces become a passive source of income," says the actor. Seljamaa says that the most enjoyable part was the lack of excessive formality: "We shook hands and got started!"

The only help needed from Barking team was installing and setting up the gate application so that both the people in the housing association and the parkers using Barking app could conveniently access the parking spaces. According to Seljamaa, the solution benefits both residents and parkers, making parking more regulated.

A great addition to the housing budget

Seljamaa's housing association has 6-7 spaces open to other parkers, where new and familiar faces park every day. "The best days are, of course, paydays. Thanks to the app, we earn around €500 - €600 per month, which helps to keep our association's utility costs ridiculously low," Seljamaa shares the saving hack.

Pros and cons

According to Seljamaa, it is essential to consider such a big decision collectively, as the courtyard needs to be tidied up and maintained, but this is something that every housing needs to deal with. However, Seljamaa sees that even those initially against parking spaces have now seen the incredible benefits of renting them in terms of low bills. "It's hard to believe that the utility bills of any apartment in central Tallinn are as low as they are here," Seljamaa is positive.

Source: HÕLBUS TULU! Näitleja Heino Seljamaa leidis viisi, kuidas korteriühistu kommunaalkulud naeruväärselt madalad hoida

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