CEO of Signaal joins Snabb

Mehis Pass, who has led the traffic management company AS Signaal™ for the past four years, has been appointed as head of parking at Snabb (formerly Barking), a technology company providing parking and car wash services. Prior to that, Pass served as the operation manager at EuroPark Estonia for 12 years. The goal is to build the largest parking network in the Baltics within the next 5 years.

According to Pass, who has extensive experience in the industry, joining Snabb is an attractive and motivating challenge. The decision was primarily based on the company's impressive growth and the future demand for their innovative technological parking solutions. "Already in the first week of work, it was clear to me that Snabb has great potential to become the largest and best parking company in the Baltics in the coming years, because the company's cornerstones are customer-centricity, right values, and an existing development team that has created excellent parking products."

"The needs of landowners and the expectations of customers have become more unique and demanding. Simply installing a sign at the entrance to the parking lot and issuing fines to parking violators is no longer sufficient. The focus is on innovative and personalized technical solutions that support the landowner's daily business activities. We sincerely believe that a good customer-friendly parking solution, along with the best service, will be decisive in the market," said Pass.

Having previously worked at EuroPark and Signaal, Mehis Pass aims to build the largest parking network in the Baltics within the next 5 years. "I have previously contributed to making EuroPark the leader in the Estonian parking market, and with a great team, I am ready to do it again."

According to Snabb's founder, Kustas Kõiv, Pass's joining the company is an important step towards achieving its goals. "We have grown rapidly, but we want to keep the team small and operate efficiently. Mehis joining us helps us continue on this course because his industry knowledge is among the best in the Baltics, enabling us to build our technological competence with automated solutions," added Kõiv.

About the Company
Snabb (formerly Barking) was established in 2015. 130 car parks and 335 car washes are available on the platform. Currently, the Snabb team consists of 16 members. The founders and investors of Snabb also include Rain Lõhmus (Chairman of LHV Supervisory Board) and Marek Kiisa (Partner at NordicNinja VC). Today, Snabb operates not only in the Estonian and Lithuanian markets but also in New Zealand, Finland, and Poland.

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